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Hi everyone! We've worked quite a while to bring together this e-book on modern NPS programs. Please let us know if you have any questions. 🔮💖
@nikkielizdemere Can't wait to read this! :)
@ramin Thanks! Please let us know what you think.
We're excited to bring this content to the community. I hope these start a discussion and that a few elements in here spur some new thinking :)
@jesshanghai Thank you so very much for sharing this knowledge with the world!
Huge fan of Wootric and what they've helped us accomplish in regards to improving our NPS. Excited for the ebook!
Thanks @shane_metcalf! We love how @15Five uses NPS to identify brand promoters and move them to action.
A colleague pointed out that people may be wondering "Why does NPS need a whole ebook?!" Today, NPS is far more than a metric. Fast-growing companies are using it as a lean way to improve retention, build an army of WOM promoters, and create a culture of customer happiness. This book covers the eight ways we see companies making it happen with Net Promoter Score. 💪