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I've been blogging for decades – and now that I'm finished writing my book (called ANGEL, coming out July 18!), I'm ramping up my essay-writing. Here are two recent posts I wrote: 1) 2) If you want more like this, subscribe to my newsletter! Also, AMA. Also, if you have a big audience and are interested in running a newsletter on, email me and copy
Hey @jason - I noticed that Amazon is showing the price of your upcoming book as £24 here in the U.K. That's pretty steep. I'm a fan so will probably end up buying anyway, but just wondered if there's any particular reason for the seemingly premium price? Or do we just blame Brexit?
@jason @inside :-( seems your listing was removed from home page, still hoping you can answer my q. And when are you going to come to Australia one day? Would love to see you live
Hi @jason long time fan of the show (and the content you put out in general) We hear a lot about some of your more well known investments on TWIST (like uber etc), but out of interest what new startup has excited you since the start of the year and why?
@jason hi! I subscribed! Can we talk about your search system mahalo? We making similar product and I'm interested in your opinion: