We sat down with some of the greatest minds in product to build this foundational guide to product analytics—written by PMs, for PMs.
You'll find lessons on:
📈Driving engagement
📊 Measuring user drop off & retention
🚀 Supercharging your growth
And much more.
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Anya Pratskevich
product marketing @ mixpanel
👋 I'm Anya, Product Marketing Manager at Mixpanel We're so excited to share the first edition of our Guide to Product Analytics, a book of questions and answers from 25+ product leaders at some of the world’s most successful brands. From measuring DAU/WAU/MAU to defining the right retention metric, this guide is the blueprint for product analytics you’ll wish you had on your first day at work as a PM and will be just as glad to have on your thousandth day. Created in collaboration with our customers and product experts, this guide gives you a firsthand glimpse into how your peers are using Mixpanel, and shares inspiring tips and best practices from some of the best-known names in the industry. Lastly, we know you’re busy, so there are no forms to fill out--and we’ve broken down the key takeaways into 28 quick, easy-to-read questions and answers. Click to jump straight to any question you like, or grab a coffee and read from the start. Thanks for reading! 🙏 Anya
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Jorge Jiménez
Product Marketing Guy
Such a great guide, guys! Congrats!
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Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia
Founder of Product School
This is a really cool guide for Product Managers. Congrats team!
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This is awesome! Thanks for sharing
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Akio Bandle
Senior PM @ ZipRecruiter
Great work Anya and Mixpanel team!
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