The End of Cookie Banners, by Metomic

A beautifully designed consent manager for cookies

#3 Product of the WeekMay 29, 2019
Want to make your brand data ethical without degrading UX? Metomic's consent manager is the new way to ask users for cookie consent in a way that's beautifully designed, trustworthy, and compliant with privacy regulations around the world. For free.
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Hey, we're Metomic 👋 We're helping online organisations put transparency at the heart of their brand's image to build trust with users. That's why we're building what we call the trust infrastructure for the internet - and no, that doesn't mean blockchain. It means a way for organisations to empower their users with transparency and control of data. The Metomic Consent Manager is the best way for any online organisation, charity, blog or side project to ask for data in a way that's beautifully designed and compliant with privacy regulations around the world. That starts with cookies, but it goes so much further than that. We'd love to have you with us onboard this journey towards an ethical online world. Your feedback is always welcome!
@richard_vibert Really like this Richard. We've just done a bunch of work around updating our policies etc and given that privacy is pretty core to our product (doopoll is a real time survey company) I researched a heap of different implementations. One question I have is about how the 'scroll to accept' functionality goes down with legal advice. Is scrolling an acceptable consent?
Hey @iammarcthomas , thanks for the comment and glad you like the product! Under GDPR, what counts as consent does not have a binary answer. It is defined in Article 4(11) as: “any freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous indication of the data subject’s wishes by which he or she, by a statement or by a clear affirmative action, signifies agreement to the processing of personal data relating to him or her”. Now, some companies have taken that to mean that just by landing on a webpage consumers are consenting to the use of cookies. This is very unethical and that's the state of the vast majority of cookie notices today. First thing to note is: scroll to consent is optional when using Metomic. You don't have to use it. But, we do believe that scroll to consent is a step in the right direction towards an ethical internet. Yes, giving users two buttons - one to accept and one to decline cookies - would make lawyers happier, but we believe that design and GDPR compliance should not be viewed as a zero sum game. The most important thing is this: Don't use scroll to consent as a way for data subjects to give consent by accident. Use it as a way to make privacy part of your user experience, with data subjects consciously aware of what's happening. If we realise that our scroll to consent functionality is making users accidentally consent, then we will improve it. We are putting consumers first. We are not here to give organisations a way to do the bare minimum in ticking the GDPR box, but instead a way to make transparency and privacy a new element of their brand's image. (I should finally note that the interpretation of consent can depend on the regulator in the country. For example, in the UK you can find more information here: ) As an appropriate disclosure: I am not a lawyer. I am just heavily interested in and passionate about data privacy and GDPR so I have been studying it for a while now.
@richard_vibert This was an incredible answer. The principles you outlined are also how we understand and think about privacy. Great work all round.
@richard_vibert Massive congrats on the launch! Amazing execution. 🙌

I want to see more solutions like this and wish you all good luck.


Easy. Logical. Designed well.


Unclear if this actually sends consent strings into the ad bid stream. Unclear how end user gets to update/change/review/erase oneself.

Hey Sam! Thanks so much for the feedback :) Regarding ads - absolutely not. The tool is a consent manager, and designed to give our customers the ability to control what features appear / load on their website. We don't have any affiliation with any ad networks whatsoever (and have no plans to!) For update / change / review - we added a `Metomic.raise()` method to the documentation here - - hope this helps! B

If you want to see how the scroll to approve behave, it's on our company site :


Finally got a cookie consent which is not too intrusive and still flexible. Easy way to choose which analytics code need to get blocked


not find any yet

@Jeremie we need this on our website.

Will definitely recommend it and install it on other websites I manage. Thanks for the product!


It's so easy to set up and makes the consent management work like a charm.


I did the mistake to use my private mail for signing up for our website at work, would like to change that but it's currently not possible

Hey Oliver - if you pop up on Intercom through the dashboard or the site we'll be more than happy to correct it for you :)
This is a great step forward at empowering users, Imagine if this becomes the standard for all the different consents.
@samsexton ...we imagine that everyday 🤯 Thank you for the comment :)