Tettra 2.0

Knowledge sharing system for high-performance teams


Tettra is a knowledge sharing tool for high performance teams. It's different than traditional intranets, wikis, and shared folders because the product is simple to use, smart to help you stay organized, and connected to your other tools. We're helping over 450 different teams grow and thrive together. We'd love to work with your team too.

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Dan Wolchonok
Julian Weisser
dan slagen
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  • Pros: 

    A wiki that is easy with actual built in knowledge management and curation


    It's an early product but quickly building out features to make using Confluence a thing of the past

    Tettra is solving the communications challenges that have arisen as content became more fluid as well as more distributed between mediums like Slack, EMail, and then what is considered "published and shared" content. Tettra is allowing users to generate such shared content where they work - primarily Slack and email.

    Jim O'Neill has used this product for one month.
  • Isaac Lien
    Isaac LienCo-founder at GrandPad Inc.

    Integrates with Slack (no separate login), clean and simple UI, great editor, fantastic customer support, "suggested pages" feature


    Does not yet have advanced permissions structures that competitors have.

    After an exhaustive search for the best knowledgebase to use at GrandPad, we've picked Tettra.

    From the Slack integration, ease of use, and responsive support team - it was the clear best choice for our knowledgebase.

    Isaac Lien has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Simple and does what you need without getting bogged down in features/complexity.


    Search is good but (expect this is in the works) the ability to jump to specific section in a document based on search term would be awesome

    I've used Tettra for a few months now to organize institutional knowledge for On Deck city hosts around the world. It has been fantastic for this purpose and I could see this being useful for growing teams who need an easy place to document and organize knowledge and especially remote teams.

    The responsiveness of the Tettra team is also fantastic. My favorite SaaS company to come out of Boston - they fill a very important void in a Slack stack.

    Julian Weisser has used this product for one month.
  • Bryce Larsen
    Bryce LarsenData visualization in healthcare.

    Friendly UI; excellent editor; simple organization; Slack integration: PUBLIC categories; Zapier integration; Tettrabot suggestions; history


    Tables (but they know about this); lack of SSO other than Slack; no advanced search (AND + OR)

    We have been planning to (finally) build out a wiki to better organize and document our many areas. We’re hopeful this will help with many tasks, onboarding, and staff retention. 🙂

    Our team provides data analytics for much of the hospital and as such we really wanted some areas that could be public facing as to not require a login. This was *crucial*. Excited to see what’s to come as more things are built out! Highly responsive staff.

    Bryce Larsen has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    We use it to document our processes and knowledge. I got to know it very quickly when I first used it at Wistia!



    Work smarter!

    Kristen Craft has used this product for one year.