TechCrunch CLI

A command line Interface for reading TechCrunch articles

"TechCrunch CLI" is command line interface for reading latest TechCrunch articles.

You can read TechCrunch articles in your console, and also search articles by tags or keywords.

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@rrhoover he looks like my boss while I am reading TechCrunch with TechCrunch CLI 🤣
Hey, Product Hunters ! I want to introduce the tool for Hackers "TechCrunch CLI" ! You can read latest TechCrunch articles within your console. Also, it is Open Source! Feel free to do suggestions, comments and commitments! Hope you enjoy 😊
Can you convert my illustrations to ASCII art?
@dicebourbon I don’t know because I have never tried to do that 😅. But I wanna try it !