is a talent analytics platform that helps team leaders hire the best candidate for their team. Our algorithm relies on big data to get an unbiased estimate of the team culture and to predict how each candidate would complement the existing team.

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Hey Hunters! I am Alo, the co-founder and CEO of Teamscope, and I’m really looking forward to your feedback on our product beta. We have been working with leading executive search firms and behavioral scientists over the past two years to bring to market our talent analytics platform Teamscope. Our algorithm relies on big data analytics to profile the existing team and to help the team leader make an unbiased, data-driven hiring decision. It takes only 10 minutes to get started: - Take a couple of short tests and/or connect your social media to get your personal profile showing your core values and main strengths when working in a team; - Invite your team to join to create your team profile and find out what characteristics you should look for in a candidate; - Invite candidates to evaluate how they fit in with your culture and how they would complement your team. We are still in beta, so apologies if some parts of the UX/UI are still confusing, but I wanted to get really early feedback from the PH community, I am sure your feedback will help us a lot. Let’s chat below, Alo
@aloarro Hi Alo, really interesting work here - what role do you think it will play in teams who are actively trying to improve diversity? i.e. trying to add to/expand their current culture?
@abadesi great question. Actually, the algorithm is designed to point out the gaps in your team composition and will advise you to look for candidates that can fill in those gaps. To simplify - the algorithm will look for similarity in values (that will help with team cohesion, goal setting, team motivation), and diversity in (almost) every other dimension (that will help create the necessary creative tension). Did that clarify a bit?
@aloarro Yes thanks - super interesting!
@aloarro Hi Alo! Exceptional idea! I was playing around with Teamscope (on Safari) and when I wanted to add a team member, I wasn't able to find the invite new member button. Tried on Chrome, and the button was there. Long story short: there's a bug on Safari (last version, macOS) that doesn't display the button until there's a page resize or something similar. (I guess it's caused by a CSS property related to the .talentpool-footer CSS class if it helps!) Cheers and keep up the good work!
@estelineink Thank you so much! On it!

I am part of the Enhancv team and we are currently working with TeamScope. It help us get our teams better, be more efficient and think deeply about our hiring process.

Pros: is efficient, friendly and easy to use platform. It brings a lot of insights for yourself and for the people around you.


The best way that TeamScope might improve is by providing more detailed analyse when the personal profiles are finished.

Thank you for the great review Denitsa - glad to hear that teams are getting value from the analysis and we'll improve on the personal feedback as well to provide users more insight to their own workplace values and personality.

I find the results a very accurate description of my professional motivation.


Really simple to use UI and great insights into your professional personality, based on social media and personality questionnaires.


For non-native English speakers, it would be good to have some explanations in the quizzes.

Thank you for the really helpful feedback Georg. Glad to hear the results are accurate and you are right that we have to simplify a bit for non-native speakers, already working on it.

Based on individual test results it would be very interesting for user to get insights in to what rolls/teams other users with similar profiles are in.


Allows team leaders to analyse existing dynamics within the team and makes suggestions on ways to improve.


Only in English

Thanks for the feedback, Mikk. I see the idea of proposing team roles / functions to users has already come up twice from you and Noemi, so I guess we have to get it done :) Thanks

It would be interesting to have job examples in the suggestions extra to the types of environments described in the categories of the results, or industry examples.

People often try to figure out what their calling is, these types of tests would be perfect for that - making a detailed market/personality analysis and adding industries and/or jobs as suggestions would be a fine addition to your product.


The questions are very astute and the results are presented in a positive language pushing for ambition and will to improvement.


The connection to the social media accounts could be improved. I tried to connect my linkedin account and there was no authorization button.

Thank you for the really helpful feedback Noemi - we have been thinking about how to add more value to the candidates as well, and giving recommendations on what kind of industries / jobs would probably be most motivating to them is a great idea. Thanks for pointing out the bug with LI, we'll check that immediately.