A talent matching service for developers in Startups

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1 Review1.0/5 matches programmers with startups based on a visual representation of their skills (not a CV).
Just signed up as an employer recently and have to say, this has already delivered about 3-4 really interesting candidates directly. Hats off. Love the focus on what the person wants to do versus what they've done before.
Ive heard of a few of these tools coming up. Definitely a pain point hiring developers, not sure how valuable these tools are however. Determining a developers proficiency I believe is one of the easiest parts of the process to solve. Finding them in the first place, finding developers looking to move, getting face time, managing counter offers etc... are all bigger problems imo.
@vinayp10 Thanks for your input Vinay! Actually, our product is focused on solving the intent problem first. Our vision is to identify mutual interest and unlock the conversation once that is established. Too much time is spent 'selling' in recruitment - I would argue, any time spent selling is a waste - the best that can happen is that you actually succeed to persuade someone against their better interests to do a job that isn't suited to them! Determining proficiency is another problem in recruitment, but we think that employers will always own that rather than trust any 3rd party service. You are always going to interview the engineer, and / or put him or her through a technical test or have him or her work with the team on a programming exercise regardless of whatever information is surfaced up by a service that you do not own or control. Candidate proficiency is not the problem we are solving with this version of the app - we are simply trying to make sure that the you only speak to people who are interested in the opportunity you have. Ping me directly if you have any more questions, or feel free to reply to this comment - love to hear your thoughts! Hung
Looks like github auth is broken at the moment. Wanted to give it a try but no luck
Hey everyone! Firstly, great to be on ProductHunt - a wonderful service - and a major symbolic milestone for first timers like us! fixes one problem - it kills the rhetoric in recruitment. By creating matches based on what you want, we converge interest first, before unlocking the conversation second. The end result is a high signal, zero noise talent marketplace - exactly what engineers need right now. How do we do it? Easy - we're getting rid of text. Instead of CV/Job Descriptions - compromised sales documents that do not represent either person or the job - we ask Users and Employers to describe work they want to do in a wholly different way. Distribute your time across 10 universal software engineering tasks, which we pull into a radar plot that resolves into your 'Workshape'. This is then matched by our algo, with the results presented in an overlay. No more reading CV's or Job Descriptions and figuring out the subtext / context. No more recruiters selling you the job, or you having to sell yourself. At a glance, both parties should be able to pick out how much desired job overlays with the actual job on offer. It should mean that you only talk to people who are interested in what you have to say. Happy to answer any questions anybody might have, I'm here for the rest of the day. Probably the first of which is - yes, we're aware of the Github login issue and we're on the fix right now! Thanks again Best wishes Hung PS: @erictwillis thanks for the submit PPS: @sosedoff - will ping you directly to let you know when we're back up