Teambit for Slack

Create a high performing team culture right from Slack

Teambit for Slack a new integration that helps you to understand, develop and retain your team by making feedback a daily habit. This way everyone can feel heard, recognized and clear about what to improve. You can get instant notifications about new feedback, praise, requests, surveys and reviews and react to them right from Slack. On top of that you can ensure that everyone is frictionlessly onboarded, as well as send and request feedback from your teammates.

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Alex Potrivaev
Product Designer and Entrepreneur
Folks 👋 Ever since we launched Teambit, a thought has been bothering me. What if we made a huge mistake by not launching earlier with just a simple Slack bot? Today we are fixing that. Teambit’s new integration with Slack ensures that you can have a solution to all your team engagement and performance management needs right where your team works all day. You’ll be able to frictionlessly get everyone onboarded, send and request feedback, share praise, reply to surveys and reviews - all of that without leaving Slack. This way everyone in your team can feel heard, recognized and clear about what to improve - from individual to the whole company. I’d love to know what you think. We are all ears 👂
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