Team O'clock

Effective retrospective and standup meetings for happy teams

Team O'clock is a service offering structured meetings for retrospective and daily standup.

Integrating with Slack, it offers some handy shortcuts for launching meetings and performing planning poker estimations for tasks and user stories directly through Slack channels.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
We've been building and improving on Team O'clock for 2 year now. The whole trigger to start working on something was to assist our scrum routines and make them more efficient and focused. The whole drive and motivation still stays the same, get rid of all the facilitation and tedious tasks and focus on pure communication to help teams move forward. We try to enrich all pages and functions following that direction. You will also find a good analytics and timeline admin pages to review past actions and team's performance - and improvement with time! -. Try it out for a month free! I'll be happy to provide any more assistance and answer any questions that pop up ๐Ÿ˜„
@terra_arc as a person who does retrospectives a lot I really appreciate this type of services! :) We would like to offer you to publish an interview about Team O'Clock at please ping me at for more details if interested
I like these types of add ons a lot, how does this one stand out from the crowd?
@aaronoleary Thank you for your question. For the standup meeting, most solutions out there focus on asynchronous standups for remote teams. Team O'clock on the other hand tries to orchestrate a "synchronous" standup meeting with the purpose of timeboxing the event to 15 minutes so that the team stays focused to the ritual. As far as we are aware, it is the first of its kind and the initial driving force for building this service. For the retrospective meeting, the competition is harder. The main focus is on offering some retrospective techniques to spice up a team, such as the "3 little pigs" and "Space rocket", by having the team go through well structured steps, as well the ability to follow up on action items. One of our strongest point is the Slack integration. Team O'clock is the first of its kind to offer planning poker estimation for sprint planning or grooming sessions directly through Slack and currently is one of the most beloved and successful features of the service. Even for standup and retrospective, the Slack integration can post standup notes and retrospective action items directly to Slack, where the communication of the team lives.

We've been using teamoclock for more than a year and it made easier to have events with remote teammates and helped us automate a lot of manual work. I don't have to send an email after each event ends and everyone knows what to do even if the Scrum Master is not present.

It doesn't feel bloated with features and complexity and you know each action you do what is going to happen.

Also, the timer in the stand up is a really discreet way of keeping everyone in time.


- Great UI/UX

- Retrospectives are really easy

- Keeps us focused and on time on standups

- Great integration with Slack


No cons yet

Team O'clock has been a very useful tool when applying Scrum in our team. The standup feature is really efficient in removing little things from our sessions and keeping the team focused. It can also provide analytics to help track if you're doing standups effectively and it's assumptions about the length and structure of the sessions make really good sense. The retrospective activities are very helpful, the fact that you can take notes, convert them into action items and track them over the next sessions is really time-saving. The new custom retrospectives take this to the next level and is a very handy tool in the hands of a passionate Scrum Master. In general it's a very nice tool that helps Scrum teams stay focused and organized. Big thumbs up to the creators!