TARS Meeting Chatbots

Book more meetings using chatbots

The idea behind TARS Meeting Chatbots is simple! They help your customers book appointments with you through a conversation.
The chatbots are integrated with Google Calendar so they only display available slots and automatically send invites to the attendees.
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ISH the owner has ignored my emails and refuses to respond or reactivate my account. Let me share what happened - ISH closed my prepaid (LifeTime) charter business account (link to email https://cl.ly/ef2de2) , because I explained to Him the name TARS is sometimes used as a racist stereotype and that branding has offended several of my clients. I then shared I will lose theses accounts please allow hide branding option? I paid all this money for the business acct I should have the option to remove the branding. He got an attitude with me took upon his self to close the account. No refund no follow up nothing? Not fair at all In America, we have freedoms of speech!! I suggest staying away from a selfish, ego-driven, non-compassionate founder "you just remember ISH the early investors took a chance and got you where you are now" I guess you may not be aware of racism and hurtful words toward Blacks and minorities, especially in America. SMDH
@larry_washington happy to refund your amount. Your account was blocked because you had used foul language in your emails which is something we don't expect from our customers.
@jindalish I told you that was not me it was a staff member that used foul language not me. She no longer is working for me because you blocked the account and she was contracted to create bots you basically ended her job with us and she has 4 kids and a single mom SMH. I apologize if she used language that offended you, to be clear what you did was far worse than some foul words!!! You blocked something you were paid for, and you took food out of someone's children mouth!!