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When some one clicks on your Google search Ad, they should not have to fill out long forms. Instead, they should have a conversation!

Conversations are engaging and build trust. As a result, they yield a 2x-3x higher conversion rate than traditional PPC landing page experiences.

Tars enables you to build Conversational Post-Click Experiences.

  • Mark Idzik
    Mark IdzikMarketer

    Easy to use interface to design, great support and documentation, conditional logic, customize bots, connect to APIs, awesome community


    adding calculation functions to bot logic would help

    We love using TARS and mainly use to create landing pages for campaigns and for website customer service. It's the best way to increase conversions and engagement in our experience. Overall best bot system we've found and highly recommend to all online marketing pros.

    Mark Idzik has used this product for one year.
  • Melissa Wheeler-Blair
    Melissa Wheeler-BlairOwner, Cultivating Sales, LLC

    Easy to use. Very intuitive. Awesome support!


    Would like to be able to easily embed the code into a different landing page system.

    I bought this about a year ago and love it. I've bought and/or tried others and nothing compares. I find it so easy to use. Fun actually. Plus Ish and Vinit are always there to help. I've already made one nice commission from their affiliate program with more to come. One of my favorite tools to use so now I'm starting to sell chatbot development over some of my other work. I'm excited to see where they continue to take the system.

    Melissa Wheeler-Blair has used this product for one year.
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Vinit Agrawal
Vinit AgrawalMakerHiring@vinitagrawal · Co-Founder at Tars (HelloTars.com)
I am one of the Makers and therefore totally unbiased in my opinion here. We started as a generic Chatbot Builder some 3 years back, with a simple idea of replacing web forms with a chat like experience to get better conversions for businesses. We were doing it, before it was cool :D Now after 3 years, 16k+ chatbots built and some 11k+ Bot Makers, We decided to go Deep in one specific problem. The problem of bad Conversion Rate on the Landing page of your Google Ads and PPC Campaigns. More than 90% of people who click on your Google Text Ad, end up leaving your Landing page without filling your form or giving any information. More than 90%. With Tars PPC Chatbots, we are changing that number. With Tars PPC Chatbots, as soon as a user clicks on your Google text Ad, a custom Chatbot starts a guided conversation with them right away. It acknowledges their concern and asks them specific question to get their information and turns it into a Lead for the business. I think the idea of starting a conversation with your Ad visitors is very powerful. It creates a sense of connection and trust between the user and the business and the users are 2-3 times more likely to give their information and become a lead. Please check the product by signing up and If you run a PPC Campaign yourself, don't forget to schedule a demo with us.
Shreyaa Ratra
Shreyaa Ratra@shreyaa_ratra · Making B2B sales easy via EasyLeadz.com
@vinitagrawal Awesome product :) Congratulations for the launch. Few thoughts if you are doing B2B sales : a) Target companies who are spending on Google Ads. Since they are already spending on Google ads, it makes sense for you to reach out to those companies for lead gen. b) Target companies who are hiring for Google Ads/PPC Campaign. Since they are hiring, it means they might invest in Google Adwords in future that is why hiring. c) Target companies who have recently raised funding. Funding >> Money >> Marketing >> Google Adwords >> Tars
Vinit Agrawal
Vinit AgrawalMakerHiring@vinitagrawal · Co-Founder at Tars (HelloTars.com)
@shreyaa_ratra Thanks Shreyaa for some insightful suggestions :) Glad to see that you like the product. Do signup and give it a shot.
Allan Caeg
Allan Caeg@allancaeg · Founder, NorthStories.io
Upvoted due to great support and continuous product updates :)
Vinit Agrawal
Vinit AgrawalMakerHiring@vinitagrawal · Co-Founder at Tars (HelloTars.com)
@allancaeg Thanks Allan. Really appreciate your continued support :)
Vivek Khandelwal
Vivek Khandelwal@vivekk · Founder, iZooto.com
Question for you guys - Having a conventional landing page with content and the right keywords is important to maintain and improve the quality score. Given the fact that this page is nothing but few lines of content - Does switching from a normal html page, impact quality score as well?
Ish Jindal
Ish JindalMakerHiring@jindalish · Founder, Tars
@vivekk thanks for asking this! I get this question on almost every call I take. Here is my take : - It is not just a few lines of content since we actually make the entire conversation in the bot google indexable. - Some of our customers have been running Conversational Ads for the last 12 months or so and they haven't seen any adverse affect. This is still not a big data set but I keep checking with them if they have seen anything odd just to make sure the quality score is not getting impacted. - Quality score is not only dependent on content. Page load time, drop off after a prospect enters the page, how relevant the experience is, how engaging it is etc also contribute to quality score. This is where Conversational pages rank way high compared to static ones. That said, if you are still concerned, there are ways to incorporate the bot into an existing landing page like this: https://hellotars.com/convBot/de... You can have chat experience in the first fold and normal content in the rest of the page.
Cam Macduff
Cam Macduff@cam_macduff · Creative Lead and Strategy
Hey this is a great Bot tool. One of the easiest to assemble with huge flexibility. Deceptively powerful for what looks like a basic bot tool. Granted it doesn’t have every bell or whistle but what it does it does better than all the others. Highly recommend.
Vinit Agrawal
Vinit AgrawalMakerHiring@vinitagrawal · Co-Founder at Tars (HelloTars.com)
@cam_macduff Thanks Cam :) We did got an A in our our Unix Philosophy Course :D DOTADIW, or "Do One Thing and Do It Well."
Jake Nasol Loria
Jake Nasol Loria@jakenasolloria
Tars would eventually be the best lead generation bot on the planet. Congrats to Ish, Vinit & the rest of their team -from the Philippines!
Ish Jindal
Ish JindalMakerHiring@jindalish · Founder, Tars
@jakenasolloria Thanks Jake for your support all this while :)