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The community submitted 86 reviews to tell us what they like about TARS, what TARS can do better, and more.
What do you think about TARS?
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86 Reviews
Felipe Barcelos
Building 12 MicroSaas in one year 🚀
19 reviews
@vinit_agrawal2 Nice project and good luck on your launch. 🚀🚀 How about listing your project in the GPT Feed? Just register here: gptfeed.co/submit-a-project I saw that you have a blog, you can put your RSS feed here to get the news on our portal: gptfeed.co/suggest-new-source If you have any questions, let my know!!!

Ayush Dhingra
1 review
TARS is a great platform to create chatbots which a ton of versatility and features. The huge list of templates cater to each industry and is a quick and easy way to get started.

Rohith Veerajappa
2 reviews
Good bot. Reads through PDFs also, not just HTML pages. 👍

Anoop Kumar Yadav
1 review
Our customers lovin it 😍.

Vineet Sinha

Product at Sense

7 reviews
Unsure if a seemingly high-priced SaaS platform like TARS belongs here. This is the first time on PH I've clicked on a link and NOT been able to interact with a product by signing up - TARS's pricing page takes me to a 'schedule demo' signup. Open to changing my opinion and this review if I've missed anything.
Ish Jindal
I think you missed out the Sign up. You can click on Sign up on the top right of the page, make a free trial account and use our product for free for 14 days. And not sure who decided if pricing decides if a product is a "PRODUCT".

Larry Washington
14 reviews
Does not recommend this product
ISH the owner has ignored my emails and refuses to respond or reactivate my account. Let me share what happened - ISH closed my prepaid (LifeTime) charter business account (link to email https://cl.ly/ef2de2) , because I explained to Him the name TARS is sometimes used as a racist stereotype and that branding has offended several of my clients. I then shared I will lose theses accounts please allow hide branding option? I paid all this money for the business acct I should have the option to remove the branding. He got an attitude with me took upon his self to close the account. No refund no follow up nothing? Not fair at all In America, we have freedoms of speech!! I suggest staying away from a selfish, ego-driven, non-compassionate founder "you just remember ISH the early investors took a chance and got you where you are now" I guess you may not be aware of racism and hurtful words toward Blacks and minorities, especially in America. SMDH

Suresh Kumar G
Internet Marketer
5 reviews
Recommended this product

I have using this Tars bot for quite sometime. I'm very happy with the product roadmap and team behind it friendly and responsive.

This is Perfect for any business, and great conversion rates, because we are asking one question at a time.

And can we have the appointment sync as well in calendar? So that the person who is leaving the details can have the notification update when the appointment time is closer.

Thanks Tars team for all the awesome effort you guys put out in building this.


Beth Fiedler
Happy Entrepreneur w a few PH products 🙌
37 reviews
Recommended this product

Love its simplicity. I create one literally under 5 seconds. Thanks so much for sharing!


Recommended this product

Highly recommended.


Recommended this product
Review of Tars

Highly recommended.