A virtual office for remote & distributed teams

No - it's not VR, but it's the closest thing to in-person collaboration!
See who's available right now and what app they are working in. Talk and screenshare in one-click.
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33 Reviews4.1/5
Huge fan of Tandem so far! I heard about it through Bernat and think this is going to take distributed teams to the next level. What I love about it: - intuitive + beautifully designed UI - simple + easy to use - instantly connect to team members via video or audio chat - instantly share your screen I honestly feel like this is going to be a game-changer for working remotely. Excited to see the future of Tandem!
@jsjoeio Thanks so much for trying it out, and for your feedback and suggestions! This is only the start!
We've been using Tandem for a while now and find it to be a more seamless alternative to typing in '/call' in slack. The one-click connect is really sweet. Slack's still very sticky for our team but a quick release of a Linux version of Tandem made quite the difference. Super excited to to see where this product goes!
Thanks @pj_mukh! We're super excited for the things that are coming up :) We'll keep you posted!
Tandem is seamless and sleek -- it gets out of your way while you do your work and works well with most apps that I use with my team.
@anvishapai Thanks so much! Unobtrusiveness and sleekness are what we like to hear :)
Wow, awesome to see this at the top of ProductHunt! I was introduced to Tandem right before they changed the name from Wisp. Our team has been using it for about 2 months or so, and it has been a really nice way to start conversations. Working remote, you find that there is this weird social awkwardness over starting calls or wanting a super quick call with another teammate. Tandem has the best solution for that problem from what I've seen thus far. The team works hard and cares a lot about customer feedback which is awesome. Keep it up!
@averycarter Your feedback has been 👌super helpful! Keep it up and we'll keep making Tandem better.
Seems great product. will definitley use it
@slideteam glad to hear it! 👍
Nice idea, unfortunately we experienced audio dropouts. Also the screensharing & video performance kills the CPU, compared to Zoom.
@bennigo Sorry to hear you had audio and performance issues. We are investigating and will reach back out to you soon. In general we find the performance and call quality are comparable to, or better than Zoom, but this doesn't apply to every hardware / connectivity situation. We will figure out what happened in your case. 🙏Please give us another chance!
Love the onboarding flow including the walkthrough. Very friendly. The idea of using always-on presence to make remote people feel closer is brilliant. Looking forward to testing it further.
@raphaelouzan thanks! Looking forward to your suggestions as you test it.
It helps solve things quickly, a quick call with screen share reduce time-consuming chat.
Changes the remote-team game. We use Slack and have tried all the tools and apps out there for running our teams (I have 2 companies: 1 with 8 and another with 3). This changes the game for communication. It's fast, it's reliable (once the initial setup bugs get out of the way), and just works. You guys rocked this and meet our needs. Talking with a remote team member is now as easy as popping into their virtual office for a chat.
Not mature but a good idea. I was testing the app on Mac10.14.5 (18F132) with my teammate earlier. It didn't allow me to add my teammate after I saw him on the teammate list, and his online status keeps switching show/hide on my app(we both use socks5 proxy). Oddly my Chinese input method got removed, and I couldn't even add it back. Hope to see more development on the app.
@bruceyongli sorry about that - we are investigating and will let you know.
@bruceyongli sorry to hear that! We’re looking into your issue. I wonder about how the proxy affects your experience. We’ll reach back to you soon