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Signed up this afternoon. All my starred google emails, evernotes with to do's, todoist tasks, trello cards miraculously appear on one screen. Chrome extension puts summary in new tab. Has loads of integrations. Looks useful!
@helencrozier Adium for product managers. Brilliant.
Is there a way to show only the unread emails when connecting a Gmail account?
Is this available offline? that's my problem with gmail and trello that's why I opt in for wunderlist and just connect them thru zapier or ifttt
Stumbled upon a problem: Couldn't integrate a single Github Repository, resulting in hundreds of Issues on my task screen. Having a filter for that would be extremely useful. Nonetheless great app :)
@felix_hau thanks for using Taco, Felix. Taco can do this. For GitHub, filters can use repo name, repo owner (an easy way to say "all work-related repos"), and issue labels. These can also be mixed and matched, like to only retrieve your tasks with the "UI" label from your work repos, plus all of your tasks from your personal repos. The filter-worthy attributes are specific to the connector, so Basecamp has project name and Zendesk has ticket status, among others. If I can help craft a filter (or Taco doesn't find your ideal tasks for any reason), please email me at support@ or via the app.