Surveys in Slack by Polly

The world's first fully immersive Slack-based survey product

Polly has launched a fully native, immersive survey experience in Slack. No more links sending you out to surveys on the web, users can complete surveys quickly and efficiently. We've optimized the experience for Slack-based workflows, making the act of taking a survey frictionless and fun πŸŽ‰

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Hey all! πŸ‘‹ I I'm Samir, one of the makers over at Polly. We've been providing a polling solution in Slack for over 2 years now, and our users have been begging us for a better experience around multiple questions surveys and being able to provide qualitative feedback within a poll or survey. πŸš€ We've taken advantage of the Slack's new dialog features (which they launched today) to solve both of these problems, and deliver much, much, more. With Polly's new Survey functionality, surveys are take 100% in Slack - we've designed a slick experience from the ground up customized for Slack and Slack-based workflows. We've created templates that match Slack's workflow - you can use one of ours, or easily create your own. Most of our users are seeing at least a 30% increase in participation when switching from an email or web based solution. Happy to answer any questions, but would ❀️ to get feedback from the community on what we've built! You can kick of a survey workflow by typing /polly survey into Slack (assuming you have Polly installed!). PS - thanks for hunting @ashbhoopathy!
This is super useful! Can you setup recurring surveys weekly to specific team members or channels in Slack?
@chris_pitchford Yep - we used to only allow channels, we've recently added the ability to send out surveys to individuals as well. As for recurring surveys, you can set up surveys to run daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly. Useful for standups, sprint check-ins, or quarterly engagement surveys.
@someear Awesome! We have quite a few use cases we like to poll our team weekly on so this is great. Thanks for getting back to me!

I belong to quite a few Slack teams and each time that we need to do a poll or survey within slack, I always insist on installing Polly.


It makes survey creation and polling in Slack really easy. Slick web interface for more complex surveys.


Not sure if there's a better alternative.

This a great service. We use it internally at Auth0 and have been for a while. With Polly we are able get a pulse of the internal sentiment of the company and how people are feeling. We also are using it more and more for general surveys. Having it in Slack, where we all live and breathe, fits well with our culture.
Thanks @gblock! Auth0 has been a great customer - a lot of the feedback from them has fed back into the product we're launching today, so thanks! πŸ™

Super convenient for gauging attendance at events when there's already a slack group.


it's easier to get higher engagement because there's less friction to get to a survey


none so far