CLI for publishing static web apps to the Surge CDN for free

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Corey BallouHunter@cballou · CEO,
What's intriguing is that they not only allow you to publish static content and files for free, but also point a custom domain at them via a DNS A record.
Vince Speelman@vinspee · Front End Engineer, TED
Why is this free? It's hard for me to grasp. I hope it's the cool "if developers love us they will have their huge enterprise sign up for us" free.
Matt Lambert@cardeo · Senior Designer @ CA
Love this tool, so easy to deploy my static sites
Zack Bloom@zackbloom · Engineering Manager, Cloudflare
A similar thing which lets you deploy to your own S3 bucket:
Frank@wp_end · Maker of things.
Just tried and it's perfect for static sites....impressed!