Surface Laptop 3

The renowned Surface Laptop gets an update

m and stylish, available in 13.5” and new 15” touchscreens, rich color options,¹ and two durable finishes. Make a powerful statement and get improved speed, performance, and all-day battery life.²
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1 Review5.0/5
looks great, except it runs windows 😂
So slick!
Looks like a MacBook... I suppose they all sort of look the same now.
We bought 5 surfaces at my work place and we had constant issues. I mean it was daily! Freezing, shutting down, not charging... The batteries just stopped charging on most of them after only a year. The first gen ipad we have still works as it did on day one other than being too outdated. I think i'm done with Microsoft products
Love the colors and the new aluminium finish, it looks like a Macbook and that's a good thing.