Get paid faster with your own custom payments page

#1 Product of the DayJanuary 27, 2019

No more late payments or complex setup, just send a link. That's it. Enable your customers to pay via all major cards and even through Apple Pay, Android Pay and Microsoft Pay, all through one-click links that takes to a secure pay area. With no monthly fees, pay for only what you use when you use.

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Looks promising. Two thoughts 1) do you have plans to offer subscription based payments? 2) would love to see some screenshots or demo on the site. It’s all vague without seeing it visually.
Hi @gregstone14 thanks for the feedback, at the moment we do offer subscription based payments but its in the making 🙌. And we will be adding a live demo soon

We've been using SuperPay to power our one off payments for a month which has been a lot cheaper than PayPal links and with better control via the dashboard.


Super easy to use and administer with great security


None spring to mind

Do you automatically calculate VAT based on customer location? That's what's missing from my current solutions!
Hi @jamesivings at the moment no, but we are adding features as fast as we can so stay tuned!
HEY Great product! Would be nice to add some screenshots of the features...
Hi @mendorshikh we are also adding a free live demo of the platform so people can experience the product before signing up
Do we need our own Stripe account for this, or are we essentially using yours as a 3rd party?
Hi @kieranchase, no as you will connect your own stripe account to receive payments via stripes connect feature