Build VR Sites with Your Hands

Supercraft is a tool that lets you build VR worlds within VR, and then publish and share via the Web! All running within the browser, from the creators of Supermedium and A-Frame. Read more at

  • Nathaniel Chen
    Nathaniel ChenFreelance Developer

    Short learning curve

    Smooth performance

    Intuitive UI



    Apps like Supercraft are great for the WebVR ecosystem! It feels good to use, I may use this instead of Google Blocks when making 3D models. There appears to be less z-fighting when objects are overlapped, which is important.

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  • Pros: 

    looks cool


    runs on cancer

    Windows is shit.

    Cameron Banowsky has never used this product.
Hey again! We're Supermedium and also the creators of A-Frame. We're excited about the initial release of Supercraft. Our goal is to enable more people to build VR content, especially for the Web, by providing an easy to tool to do it all within VR without any code. It's simple right now, building worlds with basic shapes and colors, but it's cool that it all runs within the browser, and you can publish to Web and view on any device! Try it out on Supermedium if you have a Vive or Rift and let us know what you think!
@andgokevin so excited for this. I’m building almost the opposite of this with which also uses A-Frame. Love seeing creativity in this space, hats off to you.
@itsthisjustin Thanks! So awesome to see so many startups and projects using A-Frame.
I've been thinking about picking up an Oculus Go. I assume this is supported on that platform too, @andgokevin?
@rrhoover May be difficult because they only have a one handed controller
@rrhoover Hey, you could view Supercraft sites in VR from a browser on Oculus Go, but to build content, you'll need a VR headset that supports two freely-tracked hands (e.g., Rift / Vive / Windows MR). We believe next year Oculus will release a standalone headset like the Go with those capabilities.
Great job!! 😊 will check it out
@ayush_chandra If you got a Rift / Vive, publish something and share with us :)
seriously had to go Windows? UNIX would have had me.