The opensource Firebase alternative.
Supabase is in alpha right now. Follow our releases on Github to get notified when we move into version 1.0:
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Without a hosted option, perhaps you're missing the target market for Firebase? The whole point of Firebase is to NOT have to manage servers. Now there's a lot to like about Supabase as a lower cost replacement for Pubnub/Pusher. The functions integration looks super sweet too. Upvoted and will investigate as a low-cost realtime server!
@rayliverified we have a hosted option! Over at
@rayliverified That's not the only/"whole" point of Firebase :P Some ppl (including me) would be willing to manage a server
@copple Yay! Thanks for having that available for testing :)
A nice alternative, are you supporting an ability to add Sign-in providers like firebase?
hey @nazar_nazar , we are still designing our client side auth model but we very much want it to be as easy to use if not easier than firebase, more news on this soon, thanks for checking us out
@antwilson Good luck guys πŸ‘
Great work! I'll add this to as a Firebase alternative.
@openshiporg thanks - awesome site!
?makers Looks nice. Any plans for when you will be out of alpha/beta?
@kitemaker hard to give an exact date but we are building none-stop so will hopefully reach a v1 soon. In the mean time we are offering data backups and will be offering master-slave replicas very soon
I'm very excited about this. Can't wait to try it out!
@grahampark we're in alpha now in case you're brave (