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What is Parsers?
Platform for extracting unstructured data from websites and their visualization without code. The charts with the analysis of the data is displayed on the page, you can download in the format Excel, xlsx. xls, xml, csv or get data byAPI.
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Recent launches

Parsers VC
Parsers VC provides data on investments of venture funds in startups, changes in teams and the latest news of funds in real time.
- daily investment report in real time;
- list of active venture funds;
- list of startups that have just raised the round.
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Parsers is a browser extension for extracting structured data from sites and their visualization without code. You need to click on the data on the site and start the process. After the process is over, you can see the analyzed data on the charts and download the structured data in the required format (Excel, xml, csv) or get by API.

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