Suggested (formerly Makerkit) helps companies collected feature requests from their customers.

We also provide a product roadmap, and changelog.

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Hello ProductHunters πŸ‘‹ Thanks for hunting us @abdulumer_ πŸ˜ƒ This has been an unexpected launch for us, but we're very excited by it! (formerly Makerkit) helps you build better products, by using your own customer's feedback to drive and direct your product development. We took a page out of the Hojar πŸ”₯ playbook and built a toolkit that bundles in a variety of tools for customer feedback & product development. Here's how it works: 1. Collect, centralise & manage feedback πŸ‘₯ Send customers to your product dashboard, where they can add or vote on features they want. Have a look at our own here Use votes as a barometer of which features to prioritise. 2. Public roadmap πŸ“ Keep your customers in the loop of what you're working on. They'll see that their feedback is being listened to, and actually being used to guide product development. 3. Product changelog πŸ†• Once you've deployed your new feature, write a new changelog to announce the updates to your product to all your customers. Cheers!
@abdulumer_ @sanjeevan84 what does it happen when you hit the "tracked users" limit? No more users can sign in and leave their feedback?
@bernardamus Yep that's right. A tracked user is anyone who votes, comments, or adds a piece of feedback. πŸ‘
@sanjeevan84 Saw that this shot up in popularity over the weekend! Your presentation is excellent, which motivated me to submit to PH. Haven't tried the tool yet, but excited to experiment with it, will meet a lot of needs at my org.
@abdulumer_ Thanks for the hunt! I've been blown away by how well it's done! πŸŽ‰

Makerkit is a good alternative to Uservoice or Get Satisfaction.


Easy to use, clean UI, custom SSL domain support


No translation support

Super clean!
@growwithlogan Thanks man, that's exactly the look we were going for! πŸ˜ƒ
Hey @sanjeevan84 thanks for this great product. It is so clean. I want to use it as a community site. Can we translate some titles and how can I customize my url as a subdomain?
@firatdemirel Thanks for the feedback! I've added this to our feature requests here To customise the domain, just go into Settings -> Project and you'll be able to set your custom domain there!
Great job!! 😊 Expecting all the companies and product makers to use this in their work system to help customers with their needs and features
@ayush_chandra Thanks for that very kind endorsement ❀️