140 character summaries of interesting research papers.

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I would love to have this in an API format, and to replace the motivational quotes on Momentum with these little snippets of research.
@jcutrell @zmh - what are the odds of you throwing a little json plugin in there and opening this up, provided that wherever it gets used, it gets linked back to you?
@jcutrell Thanks Jonathan! RSS available now at, would need to do some work to expose API but definitely something I should add :)
@jcutrell Same idea but for loading messages on Slack
Love it! An educational product that gives me bite sized pieces of party knowledge.
@arlogilbert Thanks Arlo, glad you like it! Feel free to submit any suggestions for new research on the site or at @studieshow on Twitter.
Twitter account where we can follow new ones?
@thetylerhayes My thoughts instantly went to "how do I get a steady influx of these somewhere?"
Let's get to 140 upvotes @zmh!
Already addicted. Great way for people to get useful enriching info in the digital age. Perfect for people like me who have a 2 second attention span.
@hypecraft Thanks Marshall! Yeah figured it'd be a fun way to learn a thing or two quickly