Storyboard Podcasts

Private podcasting for teams and enterprises

Storyboard is a platform for Enterprises and Organizations to share private, internal podcasts in a listener-friendly app. Whether through password-protection or SSO, Storyboard helps you engage your team with secure, private podcasts.
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Hi Product Hunt. Really excited to share Storyboard. As a long-time podcaster, I was frustrated that so many workplace communications require us to be in one spot at a specific time. Whether it's an e-Learning, conference call, or town hall that conflicts with an important meeting, attending can be disruptive (at best) and can leave employees without key info, at worst. For this reason, we built Storyboard, which offers a platform for organizations of all sizes to host podcasts exclusively for their teams. Using Storyboard, a podcaster can whitelist their team (we have plans to send invites over email or integrate with Single Sign On). Invited listeners can then access and download episodes from your private feed using our listener-friendly mobile and web apps. Rather than being tied to their desk, your listener can open Storyboard while on a flight to meet a client or on the commute into work with all of the ease of a regular podcast. Key Benefits: + Unlimited hosting for podcasters + Simple user management, with the ability to revoke access if a user leaves the organization + Listener Friendly iPhone and Android Apps, including tools like custom playback speeds, progress memory, and more + Listener Engagement Stats and Listener Feedback + A Free Tier for up to 100 Listeners (to help organizations get started) + Custom thumbnails for episodes, allowing you to create multiple branded podcast series for your internal listeners With our new product launch, we can now service organizations of all sizes, including those with Single Sign-On needs. If you'd like a demo or a free trial, please get in touch with our team today. Thanks Product Hunt!
As someone who's planning the next season of my podcast, this comes super handy! Will definitely check it out.
I've heard great things about, Storyboard. Would love to implement this as a norm at my company as we're always looking for ways to improve our internal communication. This certainly does it! Can't wait to test it out --and see what else is to come with its development.
We have been using Storyboard for the past six months, and they're excellent. Their mobile apps make it as easy to listen to shows as any normal podcast app, and they offer a great solution for any company that has security requirements.
This general concept has come up from 2-3 other founders/teams in the past 6 months. Interesting.
@rrhoover Agree - it's a very interesting space. Is this something that founders/teams wanted as a platform to use themselves to communicate internally or was it something they were considering building? I'm biased because we love podcasts in Spotify.