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Stonly is a customer success tool that helps you improve user satisfaction, activation and retention while reducing support costs. It allows you to create step-by-step interactive guides that can be embedded on the web, in your product or in your help-center.
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Hello, I've used stonly to build interractive how-to articles to onboard my colleagues on a new internal tool that I've built. I prefered Stonly over Confluence because the end result feels much easier to digest for the reader. Also with Stonly it's really easy to build several small explanations and then link them together. This is great for maintainance and of course the resulting flow will allow the reader the freedom to pick his prefered topics.
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@kignuf Thanks, I love the use case on which you have implemented Stonly :).
@kignuf Similar use case for me. We moved our how-to handbooks from Google slides to Stonly, and magically people started actually using them! The very easy to navigate and user-friendly interface is a huge step up from the boring slides we used to have.
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Great tool for improving user onboarding experience, top notch UI. Very exciting!
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@valentin_berthomier Thanks a lot Valentin, glad you like it :)
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Easy to use, neatly designed, covers many use-cases.
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@arthurrougier Thanks, that's exactly what we want to do :)
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I highly recommend Stonly to our portfolio startups wanting to optimise their support teams. Top-notch UX, interactive and time-saving.
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@laetitia_behaghel Thanks a lot, happy to work with them of course
Stonly not only has a great interface for following explanations, but great tools to help build them in a simple way. And the team works very hard to continually improve that!
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@annadrennan Thanks and I can confirm that we are going to improve it every day :)
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I met Alexis as a cofounder of Dashlane and directly felt his passion for building product that people love. I was super excited about his new venture: Stonly / Alexis attracted a talented team and they quickly built a resilient and scalable backend on top of AWS, enabling them to focus even more on business features. I use Stonly as an easy way to share process guidance by email within my organisation - keep rockin'
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@loisbaude Thanks Loïs, very happy to work with AWS. Needless to say that the performance of the servers will be very important today :D
Once you get the product into your hands you can't stop thinking about different use cases. We had awesome results on customers (onboarding & troubleshooting) and even internal use (processes, guides etc.). The product is improving fast, the team is responsive, the opportunity is huge, we'll move more and more processes to stonly!
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@robin_choy Thanks a lot Robin, looking forward to continuing working together.
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Great app ! This is what we've all been waiting for. This is the next step after ZenDesk and all the contextual chat or help buttons that are either low to respond (and put a lot of pressure on customer service reps), or difficult to navigate (as most help sections are)
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@adebuche Thanks a lot Amaury for the great comment. We are pretty close from Zendesk (we are part of their incubation program in Station F) as they see the complementarity between our two products.
Awesome team!
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Wow love the tool!
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@alexisfogel showed me the tool he built with his team and I was really convinced by its utility. At Yogosha, we decided to use it to help us build a better troubleshooting section for our common issues and to design our user workflows for our knowledge base. The tool is really easy to use and to understand, and we feel a lot of efforts have been put in the user experience. Great job ! I'm really impressed how fast the product changed since the first I saw it.
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@kevin_liagre Thanks a lot. I have to admit that we kind of spend all our life on this right now :)
Stonly is a great solution, easy to use, and which highly participate to the top user experience we build in Ermeo.
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@victor_payan Thanks a lot Victor. Really glad you like it
Looks amazing! Congrats on the work guys, can see many use cases here :D
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@gereth_borg Thanks Gary. Feel free to contact us if you need a boost to get started.
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@alexisfogel Thank you :D Will sign up today!
Love the UX and simplicity of use! Great product backed by an amazing team of talented people!
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@guillaume_moubeche Thanks Guillaume :)
Stonly’s attention to detail in solving the problem of explaining products, processes and concepts to users/visitors is outstanding. I’ve addressed activation/ engagement at SaaS companies for years and this is something I’m pretty excited about. It is easy to set up and is a much better fit than linear text or video-only solutions. Congrats on the launch!
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@davidrostan Thanks a lot David. Really happy that you like the product.
Super useful for help centers, but also for internal use cases (we are using it to onboard our new team members) - this versatility is what I love about Stonly
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@rom_j Thank you very much Jean and very happy Stonly works well for you
I came by Stonly and used it to read how-to articles on Dashlane & Calendly to help solve questions i had on their products. I prefered Stonly over the traditional articles because the end result felt much easier to digest for the reader and a lot faster to solve my questions, usually I contact support to help with understanding the article but with stonly i did not have to. As an end-user to a lot of products and apps, Stonly has definitely solved my frustrations when trying to understand an important features without going through the usual hard to digest information by using step-by-step guides! I hope more companies use Stonly to help onboard and solve issues in the best way possible! Love it!
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We're using Stonly to help doctors use our telemedicine solution. It's clear, simple and innovative. Once you get onboard, you'll be addict!
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Thanks for making a wonderful product. We needed this badly :) I have already registered and I am loving it. I only wonder if there will be (or already is) a way to use our domain. At the moment, what I can only imagine is to EMBED to our website. But we will need to create pages for each tutorial we create.
@erman_kuplu Thanks for your kind words, glad you like it. Yes having a full interface to let you use you domain is in the plan but is not implemented yet. Feel free to reach out if you want to talk more about it.
@alexisfogel Thanks for your answer, Alexis. Really happy to hear. If this is a near-future plan for you guys; I am happy and motivated to create all the tutorials we need in your wonderful platform :)
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@erman_kuplu great, I'll keep you posted of our progress. Thanks again for the support.
@alexisfogel Last but not least :) Do you also consider adding input fields for interaction like Typeform? In that way, we can also move our on boarding processes to Stonly.
1) It is 2019. Using time-based trials that do not consider usage is a lazy and ineffectual approach. It also reflects a disconnect between marketing and product/engineering. I signed up for the 'trial', had a death in the family and may have signed in a total of 2 or 3 times. I tried using it today but my time was up. Too bad for me and my life events. 2) I spent at least 10 minutes trying to reset my password. The stated criteria is it must be 6 characters but none of my passwords that were twice that length were acceptable. If there are password requirements, clearly state them. 3) It feels like stonlys priority is user conversions. I am going to just stick with notion for now.
@lane_woolf Hi lane, very sorry about that (and sorry to here about your loss as well). Stonly being freemium you can use it for free. I'd love to make it up for you and have a quick talk to see whether Stonly can help you. Thanks