Stoic meditation and journal

Stoa combines the ancient philosophy of Stoicism with contemporary CBT and mindfulness.
Use it to build resilience, focus on what matters, and cultivate character.
Stoa contains guided meditations, a private journal, quotes, and conversations with experts.
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11 Reviews5.0/5
Every time I open this app, I find a meditation that addresses something super relevant in my life -- giving me exactly the perspective that I needed to hear. It's like those ads that are spookily targeted to you... except instead of ads, it's wisdom for living a better life.
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@stedmanblake Thanks! Glad the meditations are resonating with you.
Hi Hunters! Thanks @chrismessina for hunting. I made Stoa because I wanted to combine my mindfulness practice with the philosophy of Stoicism. I’ve discovered that I’m not alone! Stoa is a meditation and journal app grounded in the ancient Greek and Roman philosophy and contemporary therapy (CBT, ACT, MCBT). It includes hours of meditations, thousands of quotes, a private journal, and conversations with experts like Donald Robertson (psychotherapist, How to Live Like A Roman Emperor) and Massimo Pigliucci (philosopher, How To Be A Stoic). Here are a few of my favorite reviews: “Great for starting meditation and starting to practice some of the world’s oldest and strongest practices for resilience” “Brilliantly combines mindfulness meditation with stoic philosophy. Showing how one aids the other to better ourselves” “Enjoy this app. Combines Stoicism, ACT, and Buddhism. A real winner.”
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The meditations are high quality, easy to follow, and contain stoic wisdom that can be readily applied to daily life.
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@abw_ido Thanks, Austin! Appreciate the reviews.
I love this app and use it regularly when I need some calming words to help me understand the state of things. I use it to find peace and remind myself that whatever will be will be. 👍
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@caylon_vielehr Thanks for the kind words Caylon. Glad you can use Stoa to understand the state of things.
I've been using another app for Stoic meditations for the last month and it's made a huge difference, but STOA goes much further with in-depth audio meditations that make you take time to really focus and absorb the lesson. Kudos on a great app!
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@lksugarman Thanks, Lydia! Glad you enjoy the audio meditations. Stoa is the only Stoic app with guided audio meditations right now so it's a key differentiator.