Startup Failures

Share your failures and learn from mistakes

Startup success stories are hard to copy. Sometimes it's more effective to study what hasn't work so you can avoid the mistakes that others couldn't avoid.

πŸ’₯ Don't let your startup blow up!

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I know there are other places to find startups that have failed in the we didn't add them to this list. The goal is for it to have more recent failures from more current makers. Hope this can help us learn from others!
@awt Looks like there are just two companies on the list so far - do you have plans to add more? Would also be nice if they were hyperlinked / included screenshots
@abadesi thanks for the suggestion for links/screenshots...that's a really good idea
@abadesi I saw another place with failures from years ago...I'm hoping that current makers will add some failures of their own to this list so we have more recent examples...but if the list doesn't grow very fast I'll definitely add some more!
Nice solution to avoid failures
@igityan_hayarpy thanks! hopefully it's helpful to us
I think you need a section where people can describe what the startup did otherwise it's just a bunch of names. It would also be cool to learn more about any traction they got, fundraising, etc...
@livecoinwatchmb thanks for the advice...I'll try to add some more detail to make it more useful
Hey @awt! I am Rich, maker of, where I weekly interview failed startup founders :) Great site! Feel free to add some of our startups on your list. Cheers!
@clominson that's awesome, I'll check out!
@clominson just looked at cool! have you thought of doing a podcast?