Startup Costs

How much does it cost to run a startup?

#2 Product of the WeekOctober 01, 2018

Popular SaaS companies often talk about their monthly recurring revenue, but what about their monthly running costs?

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Hello PH! 👋 About a month ago I was talking to some fellow-makers about their monthly running costs. How much was it? What products do they use? Being fairly open about some metrics of my business, I was surprised to see many do not share their monthly running costs. I do find it's an interesting metric, after all: running a modern internet company often relies on other online companies. Also: how much is left after paying most bills? After getting some positive feedback from others, I decided to spend part of my weekend getting something decent out the door. 🚀 The feedback after I shared this basic version on various places was really positive. Makers and founders alike were excited to browse through the listings and to sshare their monthly running costs too: “I enjoy using it to keep track of the various services I use” and “I discovered product X through Startup Costs”. 😍 Since that first version, the feature-set has mostly stayed the same. The biggest addition since is the “product directory”. This is a categorised overview of products currently in use by startups and is ordered by popularity. It's built MVP-style, so expect more features to be added. 💪 I keep a simple roadmap on the site. New features include one-time costs, different intervals (quarterly, annual) and more. These and others will be part of the “pro features” I am working on. Monthly running costs featured in the images are from Muna, Blurt by @corey_gwin and Krit by @AndrewAskins. Thanks to all founders, makers and others already added their running costs. It's been inspiring and refreshing to see. ♥️🙏 If you have any questions or ideas, let me know. Any maker that's on Product Hunt you want to see on Startup Costs? Tag them in the comments! 🛎 And if you are brave, you can add your monthly running costs too. ✌️
@corey_gwin @andrewaskins @eelcojellema Oh wow, I absolutely ❤️ this product! Very useful, specially as a maker ^^
@corey_gwin @andrewaskins @tcodinat Thanks! Toni! Appreciated! 🙌
Good job @eelcojellema, very inspiring when we are launching our own side project.
@jestrelasantos That's awesome to hear, @jestrelasantos 🙌 looking forward to see your Startup listed on Startup Costs too! 😸
Are these just operational costs? How about payroll costs? Paying freelancers or employees. Are they included too?
@romanarellano operation only for now. I want to have/allow salaries etc too, but have a clear distinction between the two. Need to figure that out on both UI and backend front first. Thanks for asking. 👍
@romanarellano happy to share that startups can now share payroll, rent, etc now too! ✨
I really dig Startup Costs! Slick looking and, as @eelcojellema mentioned, has been a great way for me to keep track of all my expenses for Blurt. Wondering if it'd be cool to have another view by product—see all the startups using a particular product (similar to UpTools)?
@corey_gwin hope to see those costs go higher over time! 🚀 I’ve been working on something that goes the other way already does not (yet?) show startups yet.
Love this, however I found the nav lacking. I couldn't get around very easily. Love it though.
@mickc79 “There is no nav”. 🤓 Agreed—what you see is a left-over from the first version, when there weren't any categories nor a product directory. It's on the list to be added soon. Thanks for checking it out! 🙌
@mickc79 just to let you know I've improved the navigation a bit yesterday 😃