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#4 Product of the DayOctober 20, 2019
Intelligent. Crisp. Quick.
We analyze the internet, startup trends and social media activities algorithmically to bring you the quick summary right away every 30 minutes from 100+ publishers from the global startup communities.
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We entrepreneurs, startup enablers and community initiators always start our morning with fresh news and updates from the startup world. And we all get updates from our favorite publishers, blog and media companies. What if there will be an algorithm travels to the internet, social media, hundreds of publishers, blogs and what not to analyze the trending startup content and delivers you every 30 minutes under a single platform. Isn't it cool but fast, effective and intelligent way to start our morning? Let me know your thoughts. That's the vision of Startup Around! I am excited to launch Startup Around publically on my most favourite product community, Product Hunt. Feel free to ask your questions, suggestions and feedback to improve the product in our next release. Looking forward to hear from the community! - Love from Startup Around Team <3
Summary of 100+ product in just 10 minutes! That's definitely amazing especially for people like me who like to go through latest news quickly. The only challenge I see is the scraping of data. Especially if 30 minutes is the interval that would probably be a big no from the sources resulting in the scraper IP being blocked or blacklisted. If its completely API driven data fetching then, its definitely perfect.
@adarsh_ron First of all thank you Adarsh for trying it out and providing your thoughts on scraping and technicalities. We totally understand your point on ip blocking and scraping data. Here, we have integrated the RSS feed of the publishers and in 10% of cases we are scraping. Thus, RSS works well and we were testing this platform since a week. It works like a charm! Till now we have 1091 articles, 1200+ unique users, 1500+ unique pageviews and 40k+ twitter impressions. Open to your further thoughts.
Interesting product. A great idea providing summaries with insane amount of articles floating around daily. How is the accuracy of the summary being measured?
@swsalim Thanks Yuyu for trying out and providing your feedback. We are glad that you liked the the concept of delivering summaries of hundreds of articles floating daily around us. Coming to your question, we measured accuracy in 2 ways. 1. Programmatically: We have written the test cases on test data for the algorithm. 2. Manual: We were testing this for 1 week and we have floated out the feedback form to early readers to rate the platform on quality of articles posted, summary and over all performance. We are very excited to tell that the early readers were extremely happy with that content quality and summaries posted. And of course, entire platform is automated and there might be bugs and scope to improve. And we are working very hard on that! I hope I answered your question. Feel free to ask if you want to discuss further.
Loved the Website & Startup News Updates!
@shethwala_mitesh I am so thankful for this feedback and trying out the product. Thanks a bunch from Startup Around. :)
HI @daxeel soni, Could you please add rss in your list
@shubham_kumar Sure. We need to check the compatibility. But yes, thanks for the suggestions. If it is compatible, We will definitely add it to our system.
@shubham_kumar Congrats! We have added startuptalky rss to our system.