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Hey Product Hunt! This is a super simple product, that we think solves a real issue for job seekers. Finding roles that use your tech stack is still pretty difficult to do on the major hiring sites. We didn’t realize we could solve this problem until StackShare community members started asking us for features that would help them look for jobs on StackShare (more deets on why we built this here: We’ve been working on this for months, and we’re super excited to release it today! This is of course, the first version of what we think will be a major part of the experience on StackShare. We’d love to hear your feedback, and feature requests :) -Yonas
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@yonasbe Is it easy for companies to post open roles they're hiring for?
@petitepaulina very easy! Add your company's tech stack, then you can add jobs individually, or we can pull them in all at once via Lever or Greenhouse if you use those :)
The days of having to sift through hundreds of tech job posts just to find something relevant are over :)
@dzello they are! The people have spoken, they want tech stacks, not text 👊🏾 P.S. We couldn't have made this happen without @algolia!
This is awesome. Is this something Startups can use to find talent on a contractual basis too? Great UI/UX @kolbybothe
@mrsharma @kolbybothe thanks! We don't break out types of roles just yet because we couldn't get great data. But it's definitely something we're working on :)
@yonasbe - Congrats on the release. I've been a long time fan of what you're building, your constant dedication, and most importantly uncompromising attention to detail for the UX. This is a great step forward.
@distrodom thanks for your support Dom! Means a lot. UX over everything :)
I really like the idea of searching for jobs based on the technologies you already know and love. I also like the UI you have implemented, it is simple but still beautiful. One good idea might be to incorporate the level of experience in the job search. For example, if I have just 1 year of experience in Python and Django, I am not suitable for senior positions and they should not be shown to me.
@martin_minchev thanks Martin, great idea! We're def going to get smarter about the matching aspect!