Square for Retail

Point-of-sale app & set of tools for retail businesses

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Square for Retail is built with the retail workflow in mind so you can focus on continuing to grow your business. It includes: A new retail point-of-sale app, with a search-based interface for faster checkout and bar code scanning to quickly build a cart. A smart customer directory that tracks sales by customer and automatically builds customer profiles and sorts them into groups based on sales habits. A smarter way to manage inventory with advanced, real-time inventory management across all business locations, as well as purchase orders, vendor management, and cost of goods sold and margin reporting. Built-in employee management tools for all your employees, which includes lockdown features and functionality by employee level, across all your employees and locations.
I've seen quite a few small businesses using Square. Sounds like it will save a lot of hassle merging all those reports into a system manually.
I love Square. Hope this helps tons of small businesses simplify their sale process. Wish paying medical bills was as simple and consistent.
I love square and it's tools. I use it for my home services business and also make apps using its tools for other small businesses with it like my wife's hair salon. She loves that clients don't have to call or text to book. They simply go on her app and book and pay all from their phone via square tools. Now I make apps for small businesses for fun and to help them out using squares tools. Let me know if you want an app for your business :p Check out the apps I made so far. www.servicexapp.com
The website is very unhelpful. No info on pricing, products etc
@axelk that's the blog post. here's the webpage with the full details: https://squareup.com/pos/retail