Square Appointments

Schedule, book and take payments anywhere πŸ’‡πŸ“…πŸ“²

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Square seems to be launching at least one product a month now. The app looks like a great addition for business owners that use Square Appointments (launched ~year ago). Unlikely considering @jack's involvement with Twitter but I'm curious if they're speaking with Facebook to integrate this scheduling into Facebook M.
@rrhoover Ohhh I was confused at first why this was listed. New app! 🎁 Very nice. I'm such a Square fanboy. One time when Wallet was still a thing, I did an experiment where I left the house without my wallet, just my phone. I wanted to see if I could survive in SF with only my phone, paying for things using Wallet. It totally worked. Though I ended up drinking a lot of β˜•οΈπŸ˜Ž Square is so cool to me because they sit in in that unique intersection between businesses and customers. Vs. the industry they're disrupting makes (poor) products for just businesses. Square clearly sees that opportunity and it seems like they're really starting to hit their stride with it.
@rrhoover Agree. It's also baffling: Square does host any kind of directory showing which businesses either offer "Pre-ordering" for walk-ins, or which businesses offer Appointments. I definitely favor businesses that offer either one of these. Over time, I believe consumers will prefer this over standing in line, or sitting in waiting rooms.
Cool to see the BookFresh acquisition at work here. Nice work, Evan & Will!
sadly not international yet....
Square needs to stop launching products before they convince me to start a small brick and mortar business.
I was really excited about this until I realized they want to charge a monthly fee for it. Would have been smarter to provide it to Square users at no cost in order to encourage increased use of their payment processing.