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This is pretty cool. Always want my friends to do the work for me and suggest music rather than me having to do it 😬 The person creating the playlist – who must be a current Spotify user – clicks the new “Create” button at the bottom of the screen, gives the playlist a title, then sends it into the group chat session. The thumbnail preview shared to the group will show the playlist’s name and offer a button below to add songs. Anyone in the chat at that point can click to add their song selections to the playlist. And this doesn’t require them to have a Spotify account, the company says. However, non-users can only preview the playlist in Messenger – to listen, they’ll need to sign up and download Spotify’s app. Meanwhile, existing users who have not yet connected their Spotify accounts to Facebook will be able to do so from the Spotify extension, we understand. Coverage on TechCrunch here
Looking forward to trying this one out!