Today, Spotify is introducing a new app for the Apple Watch, giving you the ability to seamlessly access and control your favorite music and podcasts without missing a beat.

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You still need to run with your iPhone or have Apple Music on your Apple Watch if you want tunes while you run. This app does nothing more than Spotify Connect.




No LTE or offline playback on the watch

I switched to Apple Music a while back so I could listen to music while running and not need my phone. Apple Watch + Apple Music + AirPods = 🎉 I've been itching for a Spotify Apple Watch app so I could switch back, but alas, this doesn't seem to be more than a glorified remote ("future release will include support for listening to music and podcasts while offline"). 😞
@shpigford exactly, same here. Until the app will not support offline playing, need to use Apple music.

If Apple wasn't preventing Spotify from launching an app, why has this taken so long?!?!? If I could download a playlist for use offline or over LTE/Wifi that would make this the killer app.


Can select a different playlist from the watch.


Can't play offline or store any information offline.

@KhaosT had an app called Apollo for Watch that could do Spotify streaming, but Spotify asked him to take it down. Either Spotify is being bullied by Apple or they're trying to figure out some cleve subscription package to allow cellular streaming to get more money from us.
Spotify have officially launched on the Apple Watch! 🎉To use Spotify on the Apple Watch, make sure your Spotify app is updated to the latest one 🎧
“Hit play from your Apple Watch without having to wrangle your phone out of its running case.” So the iPhone still needs to be carried... 😕 Edit: just saw this on PH, gonna try!
@elado Apollo (linked in Elad's comment) is the offline playback and LTE streaming app everyone is looking for.