Spotify Connect

A better way to listen at home

Just got an email from Spotify for a free Gramofon ( to use with Spotify Connect.
@iamjohnp Any idea how you got on the list for a free one? Would love to try a Gramofon. AirPlay has been very unreliable for me.
@tacomanator @iamjohnp Not sure. I'm a Spotify FANATIC and listen for hours every day while I work. I've also been a premium member since the beginning, so that MAY have something to do with it. Here's the text of the email in case you're interested: "We have a gift for you. Thank you for being such an ace Spotify user. You listen loads, you share loads. You do Spotify proud! So we’d like to give you a brilliant Spotify Connect device called Gramofon. It plugs into the back of your stereo, and lets you control the music from the Spotify app (like this). It's amazing for parties, or just listening at home alone. Interested? If your stereo has an aux input, you're good to go. Just click the button below and enter your e-mail address before October 26th. We’ll send you a code for a free Gramofon within 48 hours.We'll also send you a few emails to see how you're getting on. We hope you don't mind - we're fascinated to know what you make of it."
I've struggled for years with Airport Express and AirPlay. Choppy audio and frequent drops. Have owned 3 generations of AE and they all had the same problem, even sitting right next to the device. I've tried every bit of advice I can find, but nothing completely solves the problem. I recently found out that my friend also has the same problem with using AirPlay. Sonos works great and supports Spotify, but only partially. Not all of the Spotify features are available in the Sonos app. Also they charge $350 to connect a non-Sonos speaker which seems unreasonable (it's almost as much as the speaker I want to connect). I sincerely hope Spotify Connect works better. However, it appears to be limited in function to Spotify. I wonder if Spotify or Gramofon will take this to the next level with more device and or app compatibility, or perhaps even a standard that can compete with AirPlay? Not sure I agree with Spotify that premium only is the right strategy for Connect.
@tacomanator I hope this ends up being a better solution for you!