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#4 Product of the DayMarch 29, 2018

Spoke is a simpler, smarter way to manage workplace requests. It has everything support teams like IT and HR need to keep employees happy and productive, including ticketing, knowledge management, and self-service powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

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  • Pros: 

    Very easy to use, saves times, great team at Spoke



    We've been using Spoke for a little over two months and everyone on the team loves it!

    Saves us time and forces us to have better organization for our knowledge base. The more we use it the smarter Spoke gets and we're seeing a good amount of automated replies which saves us time.

    The team at Spoke is great! Everyone involved with onboarding has been great and they are always there to help us get the most out of Spoke.

    Bill has used this product for one month.
  • Ikbel Hammami
    Ikbel HammamiI HAVE A DREAM

    Great move for targeting business routine task


    I'm not sure how it handle company data privacy and security

    I'm having couple questions:

    What it takes to build a strong Bot platform?

    How you differentiate Spoke from other bots that already exist in the market?

    How did you get your first clients?

    What's your market strategies?

    Ikbel Hammami has never used this product.


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Jay Srinivasan
Jay SrinivasanMakerHiring@jay_srinivasan · Co-founder/CEO @askspoke
Hey Product Hunt, Jay here, co-founder of Spoke (along with David and Pratyus). We’re thrilled to be on Product Hunt today, celebrating the public release of Spoke 1.0. Spoke is a simpler, smarter way to manage workplace requests. Our approach is built on a fundamental premise: We believe business software can be lightweight and delightful. That’s why we built Spoke from the ground up with a laser-focus on simplicity, and we use AI to automate rote, repetitive tasks. So employees get what they need to stay happy and productive, and support teams like IT and HR get more time to focus on big projects. Spoke’s tightly-integrated with Slack, email, and SMS, and other chat app integrations are on the roadmap. We’d love to hear your thoughts and questions, so please hit us up in the comments! Thanks!
Chris Messina
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
@jay_srinivasan can you say anything about the traction you've got so far? 📈
Jay Srinivasan
Jay SrinivasanMakerHiring@jay_srinivasan · Co-founder/CEO @askspoke
@chrismessina Thanks for the question. We're coming out of our early access program with more than 100 companies who have adopted Spoke, including Evernote, Scoot, Charity:Water, First Round Capital, and Virta Health. These companies can see up to 30-50% of their requests automatically handled by Spoke's AI.
Chris Messina
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
@jay_srinivasan that's awesome!
Parag Agrawal
Parag Agrawal@paraga · cto @twitter
Congrats @pratyus_patnaik and @rajhans_samdani. Can I get a demo?
Rajhans Samdani
Rajhans SamdaniMakerHiring@rajhans_samdani · Chief Data Scientist, Spoke
@paraga Sure thing!
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar@amitku · Cofounder, CardSpring
Congrats team @spoke, great progress and excited to see this out in the wild!
Pratyus Patnaik
Pratyus PatnaikMakerHiring@pratyus_patnaik · co-founder/CTO @askspoke
@spoke @amitku Thanks Amit! 🙏The team is super thrilled too! It's great to have you on our side!
Mike Rundle
Mike Rundle@flyosity · Working on Treeo for iPhone!
This is wicked smart. I remember David talking to me about this when he just started working on it and I was stoked about the idea and really excited that it’s finally here.
David Kaneda
David KanedaMaker@davidkaneda · Co-founder at Spoke
@flyosity thanks Mike! We’re _so_ psyched it’s finally out :)
Rahul Vohra
Rahul VohraHiring@rahulvohra · Founder & CEO of Superhuman, Rapportive.
Looks amazing, and I can't wait to try it! New employee onboarding is a big deal for us. Is it open to self-service?
Jay Srinivasan
Jay SrinivasanMakerHiring@jay_srinivasan · Co-founder/CEO @askspoke
@rahulvohra Thanks Rahul! Spoke's great at assisting with new employee on-boarding, and yes, it's open for self-service! Just go to the link above, and you can set up your system in minutes. We also have a great Help Center and our Customer Success team is to help in any way required!