At SPIN, we believe car shopping should be awesome.

SPIN is the most simple, informative, and beautiful car shopping app. SPIN showcases the cars for what they are, beautiful amazing feats of engineering. SPIN presents data clearly. Makes comparisons, recommendations, and discovery effortless.

SPIN is the digital coffee book of car information

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I just wish this app was around when I was in the market for a new car. I spent a LOT of time on various sites that looked nowhere as refined as this does.


Beautiful app!


Came out AFTER I bought my car.

I love how the photographs dominate the design. The recommended cars were spot on and nicely covered several body types (with a kid on the way I’m torn between something fun and something practical).
Thanks. We're still working on refinements. We have a lot of improvements planned for the coming months!
@cwhooten get the new jeep, 2 door only, and no hard top. your kids will love you more.
Great job!! Hope this soon expands to Worldwide 😊
@ayush_chandra we would like to see that too
this looks super useful compared to what kbb and edmunds offer - would love to see you pull verified reviews and video reviews from major publishers and auto sites
@passingnotes we’re working on a lot of enhancements 😉
Hi @jonathanspincars great to see you here, please tell us more about the app -- how did the idea come about and what's your mission?
@jonathanspincars Hey @abadesi The short answer is that this has been a side hustle for a while now for a few of us. The team has years of experience working on software for the automotive industry. And the process of shopping for a car online is really poor. Consumers generally research their next car purchase for 14+ hours over 3 - 6 months, bouncing around from place to place to get all the information they need. We thought, "what if you could get all of that information in one place, the product was super easy to use, and it was beautiful?.... Well, that would be pretty awesome" 🤔 🤩