Peer-to-peer tool rental

I discovered that there was no app to share tools. Instead, when renting one from a big box it's extremely expensive. The price to rent a wet-saw (when I needed it) was $150/day. Brand new for sale = $450. Having design / dev background, I put my team on it and we built this awesome app.
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Hey folks! Z here from Sparetoolz. My team and I built Sparetoolz to solve an ongoing issue. The big box stores are limited in terms of how many tools they can store in their store(s). I saw this as an opportunity after I had to pay $450 for a wet-saw because the cost of buying and renting for three days was the same price. After purchasing the wet-saw, it's just sitting in the garage. Many people have tools sitting in their garage collecting dust; this is a huge opportunity to make some extra money with those tools. Most of them will probably pay for themselves! ✅ Easy and user-friendly iOS app. ✅ Two-way reviews (tool owners and tool renters). ✅ Rent by the day, week, month. (Renting by the hour coming soon). ✅ Verified & Trusted users. ✅ Secure payments (powered by Stripe). We are working on building our tool inventory with tool owners out there who want to rent some of their tools. Building the supply will take some time to build, no doubt about that. If you or someone you know has tools sitting in their garage, let them know about Sparetoolz - they can make a few extra bucks to buy that new tool that they have been waiting for. 😂 The app is 100% free to download in the app store now. PS. Thank you @chrismessina for hunting us!
Interesting ... but could not sign up via Facebook from Spain. Never received the sms code etc ...
Great way to earn some extra cash on things I already own!
Seems very useful!)