Giphy for sounds


Every moment of your life needs a sound, right?

Soundy is like giphy but for sounds

This is a unique collection of sounds for every occasion.

Search & discover the best sounds of your life, share them with your friends or submit new if you can't find what suits you.

Join us on this odyssey of sounds!

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Love the tagline, @mjoaoferreira2. I wish the images for each sound were representative of the audio though. The tiling of turntables makes it harder to scan and choose what to play.
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Hey @rrhoover, thanks for your feedback. Yeah, definitely something to consider on our roadmap. This is a first iteration of a bigger redesign. In fact, on mobile it’s even more difficult to scan quickly through sounds (which, btw, we are already working on). If you upload sounds manually (not through youtube) it’s possible to upload an image. However, we should probably be able to choose a frame from the youtube video, making these images more meaningful so that our dashboard could look more like a library of sounds with proper covers. But always open to better suggestions. So, something to improve definitely!
@jpgbarbosa @rrhoover Yea, the image overlaid on the record itself would be cool.. :-)
@jpgbarbosa @rrhoover Since you've already got tags and names. Why not use deep learning to fit a visual to each sound?
@grmmph @rrhoover Good point indeed. Although it might be unlikely that we can include it on our short roadmap, it's something great to think about for medium term. In fact (warning: shameless promotion ahead) part of our team has some nice skills on machine learning (unplugg was hunted =D and we even started tOSTa app ( not open yet sadly) during an hackathon which is pretty much the reverse of your idea - getting a soundtrack from images/instagram. So, tl;dr yup, we are almost on the same page, great idea to consider, thanks!
@mjoaferreira2 Fun stuff. This space is still available and has a potential not just as a standalone but also as a supporting platform for other video audio products. Voice only products gets boring over time as people needs food for their eyes. That's the challenge. Solve this real quick by bringing something awesome as an insert and see this flying high.
@tweetyunus nice feedback! Definitely! That's something that we need to discuss for our roadmap. Not only we need to make it more visual with covers for each sound as I mentioned before, but also, making it available for other integrations like (for example) having an API. Also, you're 100% right. It will get boring soon. Sounds are great but users need something to see, something to interact with and feed the loop so that we can keep having new sounds, new users and new ways to use Soundy. Thanks!
Needs a slack plugin yesterday!
@ryanamurphy yup, agree! Just commented it above. Need to save some time and implement it =) Still, it will be a "workaround" since Slack only supports some players like Spotify and SoundClound. Thanks for the feedback
@ryanamurphy Anyone else remember the days of Campfire chat and playing obnoxious soundbites in a channel 😂 Hi everyone, Soundy is a unique collection of sounds for every occasion! Search & discover the best sounds of your life, share them with your friends or submit a new one if you can't find what suits you. You can add all the sounds you want through a YouTube URL or through file upload. Super easy. Join us on this odyssey of sounds! Any feedback is welcome. :)
Loved it. Would be great to play straight on a slack when sharing =)
@rohillion, bingo! We already contacted Slack team asking information about that but only one or two sound players are allowed. So, we are about to start a "workaround" using SoundCloud to allow it temporarily. Internally we use a slash command but we can't play it immediately without opening a new tab which is annoying...
@jpgbarbosa the SoundCloud work around sounds good for me!