Giphy for sounds


Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Love the tagline, @mjoaoferreira2. I wish the images for each sound were representative of the audio though. The tiling of turntables makes it harder to scan and choose what to play.
Mohamed Yunus
@tweetyunus · CEO Everyly.
@mjoaferreira2 Fun stuff. This space is still available and has a potential not just as a standalone but also as a supporting platform for other video audio products. Voice only products gets boring over time as people needs food for their eyes. That's the challenge. Solve this real quick by bringing something awesome as an insert and see this flying high.
@ryanamurphy · Ryan Murphy
Needs a slack plugin yesterday!
Maria João Ferreira
https://www.soundy.top/sounds/733 Hi everyone, Soundy is a unique collection of sounds for every occasion! Search & discover the best sounds of your life, share them with your friends or submit a new one if you can't find what suits you. You can add all the sounds you want through a YouTube URL or through file upload. Super easy. Join us on this ody… See more
Rodrigo Hillion
@rohillion · Web Developer
Loved it. Would be great to play straight on a slack when sharing =)