Social Blockchain is a permanent archive of social activity on the internet, created by collecting and analyzing sharing events from millions of websites around the world. Come explore to discover trending topics and stories as the news breaks.

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What is the value in this case of using a blockchain?
@jeroendeprest The main value of storing the activity in an immutable, cryptographically verifiable transaction log is 1. to keep a reliable permanent history of the data that anybody could use in the future, and 2. to be able to verify the validity and accuracy of the analytics we generate for the content consumption service. We're generating a new block roughly once every hour. Then we generate insights and try to find interesting traits about that data as a snapshot of social activity around the world at that time. This time frequency gives a nice hourly, historical view of the data. It's fun to be able to jump back in time to a specific date at a specific time and see what was trending.
@bryant_williams How do you handle false data?
@bryant_williams are those points actual problems?
@bryant_williams I am always quite sceptical of blockchain projects because at my job we have a lot of people coming to us with project that don't even need blockchain.
@bryant_williams @jeroendeprest This would be ok as a specific feature set but not an actual product and then marketing what should be invisible (blockchain) to the average consumer.
I was surprised just how interesting I found this project, it's really well made, congrats guys! I feel that there is a lot of value held in this data that is underutilized, do you have any plans to release an API at any point?
@colinwinhall Thanks Colin! We agree that there's a lot of value still left to be uncovered in the data. We would definitely be open to releasing an API to help other builders. Do you have any ideas about what you might do with the API or any particular content you'd want to use? Right now all stories are primarily indexed by domain, topic, category, and time. We'll get it on our roadmap to work on an API others can use :)
@bryant_williams Hi Bryant, I'm particularly interested in exploring the data in various ways. One way would be in terms of NLP for the title of the article and the body to uncover any specific patterns that might make an article more "shareable".
This is curious! Which blockchain do you guys use? Which social activity do you collect atm (from which sources I guess)?
@zelena Yes the idea and implementation are great but blockchains usually have technical limitations (i.e slow lookups) and cost money. How does this work from a technical / business point of view?
Hi @zelena ! We're using a homegrown solution. The blockchain node logic is quite simple at this point because we're only running a single node. Each transaction (a social sharing event) is stored in our own custom ledger database (storing raw historical data in S3 and storing metadata, hashes, and insights in MongoDB). It was very interesting to see AWS release their own ledger database recently. Currently the primary data source is publishers using ShareThis Sharing Buttons ( which is roughly 3 million publishers. Publishers using AddThis, SumoMe, or AddToAny can also contribute their site's sharing activity to the ledger by installing the socialblockchain plugin: .
@zelena @desertedisland Great point James. Many blockchains suffer from being slow and expensive. We're avoiding the cost issue right now by using a single node on a private blockchain. Each hour we inspect and analyze the recent transactions (sharing activity), then we generate analytics and insights from that and store those in MongoDB indexed by topic, category, domain, and date. So the front-end at and the data pulled is all cacheable via CDN and quick to lookup in the database. In the future, we hope to give users control to view their entire sharing history. In that case we'll have to start indexing the raw data by the user's identifier which will increase our costs slightly, but it still won't be a technical blocker.
@sheikhimran01 @bryant_williams congrats on your PH listing, SocialBlockchain looks great! Would you like to have an interview about SB at ? please PM me at if interested
Hi @paul_shuteyev . That would be great! I'll PM you
Hey Product Hunters! Google News, Apple News, and Facebook Feed do a decent job of surfacing quality content, but the largest publishers and the ones with a budget typically win the competition for attention on those platforms. A couple months ago we asked ourselves: "What would these services look like if they were completely powered by the reader, for the reader, outside of the Big-Tech walled gardens?" Our response: Social Blockchain. We take in sharing data from millions of websites and store them in a Permissioned Blockchain with a centralized system to determine transaction order and validity so we can always verify historical data has not been tampered with. We then build search and analytics on top of this data. The result is a consumer-focused, content-rich interface powered by the actions of 100m people across millions of websites. The stories are grouped into a wide range of topics and categories so you can always find something that fits your interests. Check it out at and leave us some feedback! πŸ™‚