Frequent and reliable Digital Ocean snapshots

Snapshooter allows you to take better backups of your DigitalOcean droplets and volumes. With up to hourly backups, daily, weekly and monthly backup rotation and unlimited backups.

Works great for wordpress, laravel or any other customer server.

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I've been looking for something like this! I run Discourse on Digital Ocean. This is perfect.
@mijustin Thanks, yeah we are perfect for apps like discourse running on DO. Always good to have that peace of mind your not going to lose days worth of your communities communication. Using Digital Oceans backup facility you could lose up to seven days worth :(
So how does it compare to the default backup options on Digital Ocean? I use a different VPS provider and they provide daily backups which is good enough for non-mission critical websites. You probably need to do hourly backups for mission-critical stuff but does it interfere with the performance of the VPS?
@markhorgan The backup solution provided by Digital Ocean only does weekly backups and retains the last four. We offer daily to hourly and you to set how many past snapshots you want to retain. As for performance, we have seen a minuscule decrease in performance while a snapshot is in progress. The thing we did notice was the snapshot may just take a little longer to generate if your droplet is under load.
This is a great use of their API to fill a need that DO hasn't totally solved, yet. Right now DO's backups are limited to weekly and basic retention. I imagine at some point, though, DO will likely offer something like this themselves. Perfect for now, tho.
I started using this recently. It's a great service, and Simon is very helpful!
@coreywstone Haha thank you. I enjoy helping people and learning new stuff at the same time
Just thought I would give an update. We have now added support for taking snapshots of volumes as Digital Ocean are rolling support to all datacenters :)