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I'm pretty sure we need an anti-doping league for websites. This collection of SumoMe tools is so effective it's definitely the online equivalent of steroids. Oh, and my site is now upgraded with the SmartBar. ;)
@natedesmond hahhahaha. you made my afternoon. going to get jose canseco / lance armstrong on our board of advisors cc/ @abe_storey
@natedesmond Nice Nate. Any major differences you noticed vs Hellobar?
Makes sense to have a portfolio of these tools all as one rather than using a combination of 3+ others. Keep going @noahkagan.
@bbalfour Yup and the last two are complimentary of the course. You so smarht @noahkagan.
@BlendahTom oh Tom. You two boys play so nicely together!
Hey @BlendahTom love to hear your thoughts on this.
Yo @noahkagan .. Love it homey. Not as intrusive as some of the other SumoMe tools. Really dig what you and the team are building. Is this a full pivot for you guys?
@BlendahTom Blush. You had me at Y. Nope. We look at ourselves like a triangle: 1- Monthly1k to help people start a business 2- are the tools we've used and are giving away to help people grow 3- AppSumo the newsletter are complimentary tools for all businesses (design, education, development, etc...)
Dude smart set of tools @noahkagan, what are the advantages of smart bar versus say, hellobar? Seems slicker, but knowing you, I'm sure there's a ton more under the hood!
site = down :( woops!
@bramk Eeks. was down?
@bramk doh. weirdness. it's likely cause the site is picking on you :P seems up in general. we'll look into it. thanks for heads up!