Smart Reply in Gmail

Quick suggested responses for emails, using machine learning

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Hey ya'll, I was the PM on this. If you have any easy questions happy to answer. :)
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@prlambert any chance you'll add it to the desktop version of gmail? It's my favorite way to respond.
@andrewwarner Great to hear that! Here's the response we gave VentureBeat: "We asked Google if the company plans to bring Smart Reply to Gmail on the web, and a spokesperson replied the team is “heavily considering this as a future feature, but we don’t have any current plans to share.”"
@prlambert Hi Paul. Is there a plan to setup an API for this? For example invite 3rd party developers to develop smarter replies?
Can google please just handle all of it for me... Read it, reply, have the calls, meetings, etc. I'm ready for my Universal Basic Income ;)
this has been on inbox by Google for a while... was only a matter of time!
I love this as someone that spends SO much time in my inbox, often replying to cold emails with a similar response. On the other hand, things like this might make us more robotic and transactional in our communication. Thoughts, @prlambert?
@rrhoover A common initial misconception of Smart Reply is that it's a fully-contained automatic reply that will send after you tap. In Gmail & Inbox it doesn't work like that – it prefills a compose window, so you can always modify before it sends. Many people do, they use it as an 'accelerator' to get started, but still add personal touches.
@prlambert A common misconception or suboptimal design. May I suggest a redesign to emphasize exactly what you say the feature does? I too thought it would instantly send, as I believe the design suggests it will.
I see on my phone app but not on my computer why?