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Surely this problem can be solved by not having a top sheet. In fact, I had never heard of a top sheet before this video. The whole point of the duvet is that it already solved the problem of having several sheets which took time to tidy. It was introduced to the UK by the founder of Habitat and is actually a very interesting product story. http://www.independent.co.uk/pro...
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@Simonatpaddle That's what I was thinking... Why do people use sheets *and* a duvet? We have sheets in the summer, duvet in winter.
@Simonatpaddle TOTALLY agree here. I was hoping for something that would align my duvet for me!
This looks awesome, but seems like something moms should buy for their college-age sons ... not something they'd put on the master bed at home. Anyone know what fabric quality and feel are like?
Website needs some work. None of the footer links work, there is lorem ipsum still on some of the pages, etc: http://smartbedding.com/pages/ab...
You may be disappointed that this doesn't involve pullies or magnets or magic, however I was shocked at how well this works. It really does make it dead simple to make your bed.
@mscccc yup. i know a lot of people just don't use a top sheet (which is effectively the same thing as this), however that seems so weird to me.
Do people really make their bed? I don't. Plus, for me, I use only the sheet and my wife uses only the duvet. So it doesn't make sense to have them attach to each other.. It doesn't appeal to me, but thought I'd explain why.