Tyler Swartz

Tyler Swartz

I write about AI products | ex-Reddit
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Hi. I'm a former product lead at Reddit (5+years). I now write The AI Product Report - a free, 5 minute, weekly newsletter that highlights new and innovative AI-powered products.


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Maker History

  • One Year Wiser
    One Year Wiser
    Interviews with experienced founders one year after launch
    Feb 2023
  • Savor & West
    Savor & West
    Your personal bar expert. Find a bar you'll like.
    Feb 2018
  • Alder
    Get one relevant political action every day
    Feb 2017
  • Bar Roulette for iOS
    Bar Roulette for iOS
    Go bar hopping with the help of Uber, Yelp and Foursquare.
    Apr 2016
  • Bar Roulette
    Bar Roulette
    Go bar hopping with the help of Uber + Yelp
    Aug 2015
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    Joined Product HuntJuly 28th, 2015