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Love that competition on the traditional Bank Cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc) payments is getting some traction. For sellers a fee of 2.9% (Stripe) and 3-4% (PayPal, variable by country) is a ridiculously high fee for getting paid. This is a small win with only 1,5% (though limited only to SEPA/Europe businesses). Bitcoin is still not mainstream enough with it's 0-1% fees (BitPay, Coinbase, etc), but they are certainly helping to push down the overall fees as digital currencies will grow bigger. The future of payment is looking brighter than ever and we as content/service creators can expect something like a 1% or a low one-time payment fee per transaction such as Dwolla did in their earlier days of 0.25 USD per payment (they have now a subscription model, with no transaction fees). Btw, Dwolla is what SlimPay is, but for USA.
@vegardwikeby thx Vegard, this is perfectly right πŸ˜„ . Happy to exchange thoughts anytime
@edouard_dlj I checked out the non-IBAN alternative for Norway and I get this: . It asks for a Key, what is that?
@vegardwikeby I am not that familiar with Norway local bank account format, let me check with the team and I'll get back to you
The payment ecosystem is growing fast! If your business is subscription based and you want to sell in Europe, SlimPay looks like a great solution, and includes support for direct debit :)
@dessaigne Thank you! Excited to introduce Slimpay Checkout to hunters. Surfing on the growing trend of subscription-based payments, SlimPay was created to securely automate and digitalize the entire direct debit payment process. US merchants are now able to better reach European consumers via bank-to-bank payments. This is a useful alternative to credit card, and particularly adapted to subscription payments. Furthermore bank to bank payments cut out intermediaries and lower transaction costs. When I say that SlimPay manage the entire payment process. I mean it ;-) Electronic signature for the direct debit mandate (mandatory in Europe), processing the payment, collecting cash and even managing retry process if needed! Our developpers built an API that makes our backoffice solution easy to integrate https://api-sandbox.slimpay.net/...# Find our new Checkout on https://www.slimpay.com/products.... Please feel free to ask your questions and share comments. We will be happy to answer them quickly and with as much details as we can
How is it better than GoCardless?
@mdubov We are different, Sepa native, local in most European countries, and different also product wise. Better is not our target, be excellent is.
Hey guys! Which countries in use?
@exluap SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) countries (34 in Europe, including UK :)
@edouard_dlj Cool thx 😊
@dessaigne you are like @recurly for European region . Or are you different from them in any way ? Any differentiating points ?
@aaspire we're a Licensed Payment Institution and offer SEPA Direct Debit (processing & acquiring) and Credit Transfer in € in 34 European countries and in Β£ in UK