Sleep Mist by Calm

Insomnia cure that mixes essential oils with Sleep Stories

Calm Sleep Mist is a natural elixir of Lavender, Frankincense, Chamomile and Clary Sage essential oils, blended in California.

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I could have used this last night. Terrible sleep, probably because of the 6pm coffee. Super interesting to see you expand to a physical product after running Calm, a website and app, for several years. Are you planning to make other physical products, @tewy?
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@rrhoover yes! We love the idea of creating more physical products to compliment the Calm app, and taking the brand offline more generally. It's actually been part of the vision for Calm from day 1. We have some big plans!
@tewy any hints at what's next? A bed mattress? White noise machine? Incense? A robot that massages feet?
@tewy @rrhoover Ryan have you tried Calm's Sleep Stories? You'll be asleep in minutes once you start listening to one of them :) My fav is Trans-Siberian Railroad and there's even one narrated by Stephen Fry!
@rrhoover definitely thinking about we can help make homes more calm :)
@rrhoover @tewy with the upcoming surge in baby boomers getting older and needing at home care and often anxiety relief, exploring ways to make the home (or nursing home, assisted living apartment, etc) more calm will be so impactful and appreciated. Love the app, keep up the awesome work!
We designed Sleep Mist to be the perfect pair to Sleep Stories, our sleep inducing bedtime tales for adults. Think aromatherapy meets audiotherapy. While both are powerful on their own, their combined value is greater than the sum of their parts, especially when looking to improve sleep and overcome insomnia.
I use Calm in the morning and before bed, loyal customer here so I'll probably pick this up! Is there lavender? Gotta have lavender before bed. 💤
This will be a nice little addition to the night. Thank you guys!
Thanks for the feedback everyone. 60 Million prescriptions are written every year for sleep medication in the US alone so insomnia is a huge issue. We've been experimenting over the last year to find a more natural way to calm racing minds and help people drift off to sleep. The scent and sound combination is very immersive and we love the idea of transporting people to different parts of the world every evening. This is the Sleep Story we created that pairs with the Sleep Mist. Stephen Fry (a national treasure in the UK) narrates a journey through the lavender fields and sleepy villages of Provence. Sweet dreams!