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Thanks for the hunt Eric! It's exciting to be here! For Product Hunters that sign up today we are offering the 1st month free. Slack isn't just a great team communication tool, with SlackPass it's also a better community and subscription membership platform. SlackPass let's anyone start charging for exclusive access, content and community in minutes using Slack, without having to deal with complex and expensive membership software. SlackPass handles processing payment, sending invites and managing members, and more. Whether you are just getting started creating a community, or you already have a following of thousands - SlackPass is the easiest way to turn your audience into subscribers. Feel free to ask any questions you might have! We can't wait to see what you create.
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@tuckerckline Congrats, Tucker! This is a great new tool that will help many people who oversee Slack communities. I know when I started Learn Slack a few years ago, it was a bit of a pain for me (a non-techie) just to set up the invitation for people to join. I wish this had existed!
@brandonuttley Thanks for the kind words Brandon! Great connecting with you, hope we can connect in the near future :)
Hey guys, I am so glad that you were featured on PH exactly today! You appeared right at the time when I was starting a new community and was searching for an app like that. Very convenient and easy to use so far! Thank you!
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@vasily_kuznetsov so glad that we were able to get that page set up for you! You're very welcome and thank *you*!! Let me know if I can help in any way :)
Good to see Slackpass on Product Hunt. Until recently I was manually approving every application to my slack community. It almost put me off of promoting it to much because I had to process all the applications. Fortunately Slackpass has done away with that. Now I just point people at the Slackpass page and sit back. :)
@boagworld Thanks, Paul! We're really glad that SlackPass has worked so well for you!
Fantastic idea, really well executed. I like the freemium model of charging only for paid invites. Do you have any examples of a person or business who has a really successful paid Slack community?
@kleneway Thanks for the kind words, Kevin! There are a lot of examples of successful paid Slack communities we've seen on SlackPass. A few specific examples: Brian Swichkow runs a successful paid group where he teaches people how to grow their online followings ( Kalabox combined a free group with paid premium support for their customers ( Paul Armstrong helps executives stay in tune with the tech news and the social media landscape with his paid group SocialLens ( LaToya Allen at SheNomads also combined a free group with paid private channels where she would teach women the basics of Ruby. ( Her group grew so quickly that she was able to move to a sponsorship model.
@erobinson thanks so much for the response, you just gave me a few ideas of how we could use this at Haiku Deck. Congrats again on the launch!
@kleneway Hey Kevin if you're interested in setting up a call in the near future to talk about getting you set up and ways to use it feel free to shoot me an email at and we can get the ball rolling!
Slack seems like a great alternative to Facebook pages for more serious communities. A paywall should help keep out trolls as well. Slick product with many exciting use cases.
@sven_e This is exactly the thought that led us to creating SlackPass. One of our early mottos was 'Keep the Trolls Out'! Thanks for the kind words Sven :)