Slack Beta

A faster and nicer Slack built on Electron

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Guilherme Rambo
@_inside · I make apps
It's better than the previous app, but I still think Slack deserves a fully native Mac app. This Electron app is 175MB once installed and uses A LOT of memory.
Niv Dror
@nivo0o0 · Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
Great article on @TheNextWeb about Slack's Beta. http://thenextweb.com/apps/2016/... Key Section: Their current macOS app is built using MacGap, which is a wrapper for web apps — so technically, it was just a port of the web version of the Slack website in a desktop window. However, the beta is rebuilt from the ground up using Electron, speeding things up … See more
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
Slick Beta update from Slack - am using it already... The best feature (other than the speed 💨) https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/... (Announced herebut available in other builds too) Other than the obvious loves for @slackhq... I also loved their video from last year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6sSa5NpqUI
Thomas TomHawk Burningham
Slack threaded messaging needs to happen, soon
Diogo Afonso
@slackhq it's definitely snappier, but I'm missing one thing: how can I remove the teams side bar? I'm only on one team, I don't need that cluttering my UI... http://cdn1.tnwcdn.com/wp-conten...